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The Day Our Lives Changed Forever

November 11, 2018. This day should have only been remembered as the date of our youngest daughters birth. Instead, so many emotions come with this day. Joy, sadness, anger, hope are just a few that come to mind.

Our sweet baby girl, our youngest of three, was born with a congenital defect that made it impossible for her to breathe on her own. She was sent to the NICU and doctors quickly went to work determining what was wrong and how to fix it.

She underwent surgery 7 days later and we were very hopeful afterwards that she would be able to come home soon. That’s when everything took a sharp left turn.

She had her first seizure the day after surgery. A few days later we learned that their was an accident during the procedure and the surgeons had punctured into her brain causing a bleed. This quickly spiraled to the discovery that her pituitary gland was also damaged and if she needed to start receiving replacement cortisol hormone asap. Over the next few months, her brain struggled to reabsorb cerebral spinal fluid and she developed hydrocephalus which required 2 different brain surgeries within a 1 month period.

These are the things that come flashing back to me every year on her birthday. The joy of giving birth to another beautiful girl. The fear of the unknown and what would happen. Severe trauma from thinking my daughter wasn’t going to survive the night. These last three years have been extremely trying for my family and I. My faith has been shaken to the core.

This blog is intended to share my journey mothering a child with multiple medical needs as well as share my faith journey along the way. Not only do I hope that you can find hope in these posts but it’s also a way to help me heal from the trauma I’ve endured. I hope we can connect soon!

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